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Martin...the Way to My Heart

Ms. Loretta made her way into my life last year. It was in January to be exact. Parents aren't always supportive in every situation. There are some parents in the world that cannot be counted upon or fully trusted. I have to say that when it comes to my music or anything for that matter, I have a parent that I don't even share blood with that has moved mountains. I have a biological father living that I love very much. I'm also fortunate to have a step-father that has never tried to take the place but at the same time has went above and beyond what most parents of any kind do. He asked repeatedly for a year what I would love to have as an acoustic guitar. Every time without fail I would reply, "a Martin". To me, this was a no-brainer. I would roll my eyes each time and wonder why he was asking me crazy questions. When Christmas came around that year there was no guitar. Therefore, my question was answered. He wasn't buying me a guitar, just being his normal goofy self. Little did I know, after a couple of extremely hard months, I came home to play a show back in Kentucky and he sat a guitar case down in the kitchen floor. Long story short, he had me open it and Ms. Loretta was staring back at me. All I could do was bawl like a baby. I was in awe. Not only of the very expensive, very nicely manufactured acoustic guitar. But also of the love behind saving each and every penny to put toward that guitar. The sacrifice and determination it took to present me with that very gift blew my mind. She has this beautiful deep brown smooth without gloss, yet distinguished finish. The characteristics reminded me of one of the legends of country that just happens to be a Bluegrass girl herself. If not "the" ultimate Bluegrass girl. The Blue Kentucky Girl herself, Loretta Lynn. I have written some of my best songs with her and she has gotten me though multiple three and four hour shows. She reminds me of unconditional love and the very reasons I'm in Nashville to begin with. She's my baby and at this point I don't know what I'd do without her. To some she might be wood and some me, she's a physical representation of love and beauty that I see in life every day. Even in the most difficult of times I'm thankful for things like my guitar and what instruments and tools such as this guitar that keep me going. Things like this guitar remind me of just how blessed I am.

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