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You're Not That Drunk

My friend Skye Hillman wrote a little diddy yesterday about a real experience just yesterday. I won't "Taylor Swift" the poor soul as I don't tend to...but it is about a real person and almost exactly as it happened. I'm starting a video blog series about what it is to be a gentleman. It is a lost art that should be very simple but for some reason doesn't seem to be. Our song, "You're Not That Drunk", chronicles a night I was playing a cover show and a person I was seeing got handsy with a bartender right in front of myself and the bartender's boyfriend. I tend to write what I know and every now and then embellish details. That is why I like to share stories behind what I write about. In our day and age I just wish people could be respectful to one another. It's not asking a lot. This starts at home and then it can carry over into the outside world and into relationships as well. Be good to people y'all. It's pretty easy.

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