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"The landscape of music is filled with a multitude of talented artists, however every so often a talent rises above the others like sunshine bursting through the morning shadowed landscape. Andrea Goodman is that welcome ray of sunshine; her songs reach right in and takes you into a world of honest, passionate and personal stories that leave you wanting more. With a voice that matches those feelings you will relate ever so much to her music. The future of music is in good hands..."

-Michael Logsdon, Host of Live From Lettersong, WCHQFM, Louisville, KY 

"Spillway is always excited and honored to have Andrea Goodman on our stage with her sweet country sound along with great stage presence. She gives everything she's got to her fans and leaves it all on stage.“ 

-Robert Baxter, Owner of Spillway Bar and Grill, Bowling Green, KY 

"Andrea Goodman just loves playing Country music. If you've got a venue you work with or a festival or station event and need someone to play your tent, pre-show, after party or even open for an artist she would be perfect." 

- Greg Almond, PD WGGC Bowling Green, KY 

"Andrea is a very talented young lady from central KY, singing her heart out wherever she performs. I have had the opportunity see her perform live and in the studio, she gives all. We play her on her hometown station as well as across the globe. Lend your ears to this very talented artist, Andrea Goodman.“ 

-Rick Wesley, Manager Wesley Communications, 101.3FM,, Liberty, KY 

"If Kentucky poured you a sound as strong as its bourbon, with a sweet allure, smooth kick, raw finish, and an aftertaste that leaves you wanting more, it would be Andrea Goodman's music"

-Erica Sunshine Lee, Nashville Recording Artist, Award Winning Trop Rock Artist, Nashville, TN

Bluegrass Girl

The development of Andrea's unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up in the Bluegrass state meant that Andrea was always surrounded by different forms of music. With Kentucky being the birthplace of Bluegrass and Nashville nearby, her parents exposed her to a wealth of music as a child, all of which influenced her development. Her first foray into learning an instrument himself came when she started to play the guitar in her twenties. This was directly after picking up several acoustic gigs with duo partners in Bowling Green, KY, just an hour north of Nashville. Before long, she began writing her own lyrics and soon was accompanying them with melodies. She is keen to point out that everything she listens to directs her musical development in some way. However, she would certainly include Miranda Lambert, Loretta Lynn, Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark, Justin Moore, and Tyler Childers as among her biggest influences. Andrea has opened for artists such as Daryl Worley, Blackhawk, Drake White, and Calista Clark. After honing her unique sound over recent years, she has now released her debut album, ‘No Man’s Land’, which showcase the changes that Andrea has gone through over recent years.

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